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How to Control the Precipitation Condition to Obtain the Precipitate with the Optimum Surface Area a

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2017-12-07 13:36:00

Some swimming pools are added slowly by adding pump. If the swimming pool water deeper need more time longer .5, plus the direct effect is better than the pump: Bucket Sheng 10 times more water, and then slowly add to the PAC, while stirring while adding, polyaluminum chloride Soon soluble in water .5 or so. Polyaluminum chloride when used first dissolved in water, the sediment in the floats will float again. Therefore, deep-water swimming pool in addition to the need for more precipitation agent .5 to 8, affecting the water effect, so try to get up early in the morning to absorb pollution, in the water surface. The dosage of 1000 cubic water put 5-10kg. In the sediment pool before the launch of the first PH to adjust the water to 7, generally takes 6-8 hours to completely precipitate. Usually 5-7 days to use a swimming pool precipitant generally put swimming pool precipitator at night, early in the morning using a manual suction machine sucked sediment. Can not be dragged to pull late, because the sun to the swimming pool, it is difficult to disperse and dissolve. Polyaluminum chloride will dissolve heat, the higher the calorific value to prove the better quality. Dissolved PAC should be added to the swimming pool as soon as possible, some directly in the nozzle plus, but directly add the workload of sewage will be larger. The settling time of the flocculant needs at least 6 hours. It is not advisable to add polyaluminum chloride first and add water as this polyaluminium chloride will agglomerate, or pool sediment will be used when the pool water is cloudy, the settling velocity of the precipitant will be slower. In alkaline environment, it can give full play to its hydroxyl bridging role to accelerate the settlement and sedimentation. Because high pH helps to eliminate the polar molecules in water, so that the suspended particles in water is easy to settle. The most suitable pH value for pool pooling agent (polyaluminum chloride) used in normal times is 7