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Which kind of reaction kettle is good for producing polyaluminum chloride with alumina?

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2017-12-07 13:36:42

Standing settling for about 2-4 days, one after another by adding an electromagnetic crystal of crystalline aluminum chloride, after decomposition of several clinker, you can get a solid product. (2) Boiling pyrolysis method Boiling pyrolysis furnace now add a layer of dry crystalline aluminum chloride bottom material. In the ignition, blast, blast temperature close to 170 ℃, and finally sent to pickling pool to get a gray-black solution, after washing and absorption into the storage tank. Pyrolysis of hydrogen chloride gas washing and steam to the absorption tower, that is, liquid products. (1) Hydrochloric acid method Industrial hydrochloric acid diluted industrial hydrochloric acid concentration of 15 to 20% of industrial hydrochloric acid, according to the required amount into the steel-lined PO reactor, and then While stirring slowly adding aluminum ash, with the progress of the reaction, the PH solution continues to rise, when the PH rises to 4.2-4.5, the proportion of about 1.2, let the natural reaction