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Polyaluminium chloride need to sell it Mody

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2017-12-07 13:36:38

Need a sales license. China's permitting system for the operation of hazardous chemicals, polyaluminium chloride is a chemical production and sales, you must need a business license, production license. According to China's "Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals": Article 33: The state exercises a permit system for the operation of hazardous chemicals (including warehousing and operation, the same below). Any unit or individual may not operate hazardous chemicals without permission. Hazardous chemicals manufacturing enterprises legally established shall sell dangerous chemicals manufactured by the enterprise within the scope of their factory area and do not need to obtain permission for the operation of hazardous chemicals. Article 34: Enterprises engaging in the operation of hazardous chemicals shall meet the following conditions: (1) There shall be establishments in conformity with national standards and industry standards, and storage of dangerous chemicals, there shall also be storage facilities in conformity with national standards and industry standards ; (2) Practitioners have passed the professional and technical training and passed the examinations (3) Have sound safety management rules and regulations; (4) Have full-time safety management personnel (5) Have contingency plans for hazardous chemical accidents in line with the state provisions and Emergency rescue equipment, equipment; (f) other conditions prescribed by laws and regulations. Note: Polyaluminium chloride is a water purification material, inorganic polymer coagulant, also referred to as poly aluminum, the English abbreviation for the PAC, due to the bridging effect of hydroxide ions and polyvalent anionic polymerization production The larger molecular weight, higher charge of inorganic polymer water treatment agents. In morphology can be divided into two kinds of solid and liquid. Solid by color is divided into different sepia, beige, golden yellow and white, the liquid can be rendered colorless and transparent, light yellow, light yellow to brown. Different colors of aluminum chloride in the application and production technology is also a big difference.