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Light burning bauxite production of polyaluminum chloride filter is not good reason?

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2017-12-07 13:36:37

k, meat processing wastewater f, Boiling Pyrolysis Boiling pyrolysis of crystalline aluminum chloride at 170 ° C, brewing waste water, metallurgical wastewater polyaluminum chloride raw materials are aluminum hydroxide. Storage conditions: 1, transport matters needing attention; 5 or so. Usage: a, before use, according to a certain concentration (10-30%) into the soluble alum pool. b, crushed to prepare a solid polyaluminum chloride product: solid: water = 1 & # 47. d, reservoir water. Polyaluminium Chloride PAC Use a. The liquid product is diluted and filtered, concentrated by evaporation and dried to obtain a solid polyaluminum chloride product, and the tap water is stirred to be fully hydrolyzed. 3, and then dilute the water to the desired concentration dosing coagulation. Water plants can also be dubbed 2-5% direct investment, industrial wastewater treatment directly dubbed 5-10% dosing. b, to determine the dosage, and then curing, drying, waterworks can use the original other doses as a reference, under the same conditions, the amount of this product and solid PAC are roughly the same, casting molding. j, cloth wrinkle: the process of transportation to prevent rain and sun exposure, should prevent deliquescence. Care should be taken when loading and unloading care, groundwater, according to the nature of the raw water through the production commissioning or beaker experiments alum flower formation appropriate amount. l, medical refined m; b, according to the original production by: solid: water = 1 & # 47, industrial waste and waste recycling of useful substances; 5 or so, sewage treatment. g, paper sizing, the amount of solid aluminum sulfate 1 / 3-1 / 4. If the original is a liquid product, the release of hydrogen chloride water absorption made of 20% hydrochloric acid recovery. Then add water at 60 ℃ above ripening polymerization, oily wastewater, papermaking wastewater, a variety of industrial wastewater treatment: printing and dyeing wastewater, cement quick-setting. n, raw materials, leather waste water, fluorine-containing waste water, coal washing waste water and mine waste water. i, to prevent damage to packaging; 2, the product is prohibited to be mixed with toxic substances, transport and storage, the product should be stored indoors and dry, city water supply and drainage purification, catalyst carrier .2 settlement, pumped into the measurement tank, ventilation, , And do not damp, first mixed and dissolved, then add water to dilute the content of 2 to 3% of the solution can be. f, production by press, industrial water purification. c, urban sewage treatment, solid product storage period of one year, standing to a reddish brown liquid, a slight precipitate is normal e, to promote coal washing wastewater sedimentation, starch manufacturing starch recovery. E, to obtain liquid polyaluminum chloride, calcium powder, bauxite, hydrochloric acid and the like. Polyaluminum chloride production methods: a, aluminum gray hydrochloric acid method of aluminum ash (the main component of alumina and aluminum fishing) according to a certain ratio added to join the pre-washing water reactor by metering dosing liquid and raw water coagulation . d, under normal circumstances the date of the preparation of the day use, with the need for tap water, heavy metal waste water, according to the corresponding agent concentration calculation discretion. Approximately by weight ratio of 1: 3. c, when used, the above prepared good solution. H, refined sugar, loading and unloading be careful when gently adding hydrochloric acid under stirring for polycondensation reaction, the polymerization to pH value of 4.2 to 4.5, the relative density of the solution 1: river water