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Are aluminum chloride and aluminum sulfate as flocculants?

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2017-12-07 13:36:31

Organic flocculants include synthetic organic polymer flocculants, natural organic polymer flocculants and microbial flocculants. Inorganic flocculants include aluminum sulfate, K2SO4.18H2O, and alum AL2 (SO4) 3.6H2O, ferrous sulfate hydrate, FeSO4, and aluminum chloride. Flocculants in accordance with the overall chemical composition can be divided into two types of inorganic flocculants and organic flocculants. Inorganic flocculants which include inorganic flocculants and inorganic flocculants, such as ferric chloride, of which aluminum sulfate was first developed by the United States, iron sulfate .24H2O, and the other is iron salt with ferric chloride hydrate FeCL3 can , And has been using until now an important inorganic flocculant. Common aluminum salt with aluminum sulfate AL2 (SO4) 3