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How to Raise the Basicity of Polyaluminum Chloride

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2017-12-07 13:36:10

Hello PAC 40-90 polychlorinated aluminum chloride base degree of basicity above the impact of product use Polychlorinated aluminum chloride first degree of basicity: 1. Polyaluminum chloride three indicators of aluminum content of salt Basic water-soluble alkalinity of water-based indicators of important indicators of manufacturers reference products basic quality of the product base of the basic quality of polyaluminum chloride 2. Polyaluminium chloride in the solid that the basic indicators of the key indicators of the situation of the PAC 40 -95% (basal tone) 3. Increase the base width of Poly aluminum chloride products to improve the use of economic benefits of basic 40% increase of 90% of the production of raw materials to reduce the use of 20% reduction of 40% The higher the price of salt, the higher the price the higher the price the lower the amount of the current high base salt spray-dried polyaluminum chloride mainly calcium chloride hydrochloric acid reaction with polyaluminum chloride due to the production of raw materials with the same base degree of difference