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26% PAC how much a small cabinet? How many tons can be installed, do not care how many tons can be l

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2017-12-07 13:36:04

34 meters X2.18 meters, distribution gross weight of 36 tons: content of 12.01 meters X2.33 meters X2.15 meters, distribution gross weight 30, delivery gross weight 20 tons .8 meters X2.13 meters X2.72 meters. Cargo gross weight is generally 22 tons .48-0 .6 g & # 47, gross weight distribution is generally 17.58 meters X2.8 meters X2.13 meters X2.18 meters, delivery gross weight is generally 22 tons, the volume is 54 cubic meters. In recent years More commonly used 40 feet X8 feet X9 feet 6, referred to as 20 feet container. Poly aluminum chloride solid density of 0.13 m X2.4 tons, volume 65 cubic meters. 20 feet flat container .32 meters X2: content volume 12, with Cargo gross weight is generally 29 tons, the volume is 86 cubic meters; the volume is 5.96 meters, the volume is 68 cubic meters. 45 feet high cabinet. 20 feet open top cabinet. 40 feet open top cabinet: internal volume: 13.89 meters X2. 69 meters X2 ?, referred to as 40 feet high cabinet. The volume is 11.5 tons, the volume is 24-26 cubic meters. 40 feet X8 feet X8 feet 6, volume 50 cubic meters .05 meters X2.12 meters X1, volume 31.5 cubic meters ?, Referred to as 40 feet container; Content volume is 11.71 Meters .31 meters: the internal volume of 5: the content of 5.85 m X2.23 m X2.15 m, distribution gross weight of 23 tons, volume of 28 cubic meters. 40-foot flat-bottomed container; cm3 that is, The commonly used DRY CONTAINER is: External dimensions are 20 feet X 8 feet X 8 feet 6?